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Disclaimer: This site exposes and analyzes winning number patterns and is mainly for entertainment purposes only.

New Hybrid Digits Analysis System is ready for Pick 4 ...  Combines Frequent Flyers with Late Bloomers !!!

The Hybrid Digits Analysis combines Frequent Flyers and Late Bloomers for selecting  Winning Combinations of MD Lottery Winning Numbers

 However, when certain digits do not appear within the Maryland (Md) Lottery Number draws for several draws (late bloomer), then that digit becomes more and more likely to hit soon.  To further increase the chance of the lottery digit number hitting sooner, if the frequency of the digit hitting is also high, that digit will show sooner as a winner.  However, if the digit is a late bloomer but it is also an infrequent flyer, the digit might not appeear in the Maryland (md) Lottery drawings for some time at the position in question.  Thus, both the Frequency and the Late Blooming effect must be plotted together and not separately to determine how likely a digit at a particular position within a number is going to hitThus the Hybrid Analysis takes both the Frequency and the Lateness into account.  Some digits will hit back to back since they are also frequent high flyers.
 Exact payoffs and rules can be found at the official Maryland (Md) lottery website,  The aim of win-the-maryland- lottery .com is to increase the odds of a player hitting a Maryland (Md) lottery winning number or numbers by displaying various statistics created from analyzing the Maryland Lottery Winning Number results for mega millions, multimatch, powerball, pick4, and pick3.  Such statistics created around successfully hitting the Maryland Lottery Winning Numbers and Results can be classified as Frequency Analysis (frequent flyers), Straights Analysis, Lates Analysis (late bloomers), and Boxed
Combinations Analysis.  Finally, the Hybrid Analysis tends to plot a curve using the Frequent Flyers and Late Bloomers Analysis that creates the boarder which divides digits likely to hit from digits unlikely to hit.  Each digit for the Pick4 games has a one and 10 chance of hitting each draw. 
The Overall Strategy

Maryland (Md) Lottery Winning Numbers and Results Analysis is the major focus of our work here.  The Maryland Lottery (mdlottery) draws several winning lottery numbers each day for the Pick4, Pick3, MultiMatch, Mega Millions, and Powerball among others.  It is the goal of every player to select or pick one or more winning numbers and play that potentially winning lottery number in the Maryland (Md) Lottery.  And, winning numbers played in Maryland produce various payoffs. 
So, Make the Dollars you already spend, Count... by using the free digit selection tools found under the game menus above.  A digit is expected to hit on the average once every 10 draws since there are 10 possibilities per ball in Pick 4.  Md lottery winning numbers selected using the Hybrid digits analysis show which numbers have a high probability of hitting soon by noticing digits that are hitting frequently and digits that have not been seen within 10 draws.
    The frequent flyers analysis tool and the late bloomers tool can be used separately or together to reveal individual digits that are bound to hit the next day.  The Hybrid Digits Analysis takes the work out of determining which numbers combine well to form winning combinations 

     Numbers selected using the Hybrid method should be played just for that next draw since things can change from one draw to another.
    Selecting or picking md lottery winning numbers, can also be done using other game tools such as the Frequent Combinations and Frequent Straights tools.  While the Pick 4 md lottery results are the easiest to predict, the Hybrid equation and system will be extended to other games such as Pick 3, Multi-Match, Mega Millions and Powerball.
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